Frequently Asked Questions

During what hours are City Hall open?
City Hall is open every weekday except for holidays approved by the City of Guyton or during weather emergencies from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.

How do I initiate water and/or sewer service with the City of Guyton?
Guyton Water, Sewer, & Garbarge application for service must be completed and submitted to the City of Guyton WaterWorks Clerk along with the connection charge.

When is garbage, recycle and limbs picked up?
For your convenience, click here for the 2019 collection schedule.

What are the water, sewer, sanitation and impact fees for the City of Guyton?
Water, Sewer, Sanitation and Impact Fee Schedule 2018

How do I obtain a business license for the City of Guyton?
The Guyton Business License Application must be submitted to the staff at Guyton City Hall.

How do I obtain a building permit for the City of Guyton?
A Building Permit Application must be completed and submitted along with two (2) copy of construction plans to the staff at Guyton City Hall. Building Permit Fees

How do I obtain information from the City regarding an Open Records Request?
All Open Records Request should be directed to Alison Bruton, City Clerk. She can be reached at (912) 772 3353 or at

Does the City of Guyton participate in the E-Verify program?
Yes, we do. Our ID # is 227149.

May I obtain a copy of the latest quality water report?
2016 Water Quality Report

How do I bid on City of Guyton Surplus Property?
When relevant, specifics on surplus items along with a Bid Package will be posted to our website.

What is the fee schedule for building permits?
Guyton Building Permit & Fees

Do I need a permit to move or place a Mobile Home in Guyton?
Yes. Please fill out the Guyton Mobile Home Placement Permit Application.

The Guyton Zoning Ordinance can be located here: articles 1 - 6 , articles 7 - 12, amendments.