Mayor & Council

The elected and appointed officials who serve the City of Guyton are a dedicated group who put serving the public above all else. We are committed to providing exceptional citizen service at all times.

If you desire to be placed on the agenda for a City Council meeting, please fill out the Council Agenda Request Form.

For your convenience, here is a complete listing of 2019 City Council Meeting Dates and Events. 

The City of Guyton Mayor and Council work together for the citizens of our community. As leaders, they are committed to protecting the City of Guyton assets through the encouragement of residents and businesses to become integral participants in our community.

2019 Election Results

City of Guyton Municipal Election, Updated Election Results:


Russell Deen- 226

Michael A. Garvin, Sr.- 209

Post 1:

Tamela Mydell- 216

T. Marshall Reiser- 216

Post 2:

Hursula Pelote- 202

Andy Harville- 175

Mike Gerwig- 43

2017 Election Results 

The Results are as follows:

Post 3:

Joseph James Lee - 128 votes

Michael Hery Gerwig - 61

Quinton L. White - 27

Post 4:

Michael Bernard Johnson - 118 votes

T. Marshall Reiser - 107 votes 

2015 Election Results

Our 2015 General/Special Election results have been certified. The results are as follows:


Michael Garvin - 130 votes

Jeff Lariscy - 185 votes

Council Post #1

Steve Collins - 219 votes

Council Post #2

Franklin Goldwire, - 254 votes

Sunday Sales, Retail (malt beverage & wine) - 106 yes votes/101 no votes

Sunday Sales, By the Drink - 97 yes votes/93 no votes

Mayor and Council

Mayor and Council