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Request for Proposals: Tree Inventory, Assessment, and Treatment Plan


October 21, 2022
Request for Proposals: Tree Inventory, Assessment, and Treatment Plan
City of Guyton’s Historic Walking Trail, Guyton, Georgia 31312
Scope of Work:
The purpose of this invitation by the City of Guyton, Georgia is to solicit written proposals for a tree care and maintenance plan.
The City of Guyton seeks to immediately contract for the following:
Inventory, Assessment, and Treatment Plan for approximately 26 oak trees along Guyton’s Historic Walking Trail
To schedule a visit to gather specifications, or any additional information, please contact the City Clerk Matthew Walker, whose information is provided below.
Proposal Requirements:
Proposals must be received no later than 4:30 PM on November 1, 2022. All proposers are required to be insured/bonded as prescribed by law, and provide certificate of insurance covering Workman’s Compensation, Occupational Disease, Employer’s Liability, and General Liability with the submitted packet.
Please preface your proposal with a brief history of your firms work with municipal governments and constructing similar projects.
Proposal submittals will be reviewed and selected by Guyton City Council at a Guyton City Council Meeting on November 8, 2022. The City Council Meeting will be held at the Guyton Gymnasium located at 505 Magnolia Street, Guyton, Georgia 31312.
The City reserves the right to obtain clarification of any point in a proposer's proposal or to obtain additional information necessary to properly evaluate a particular proposal. Failure of a proposer to respond to such a request for additional information or clarification may result in rejection of the proposer's proposal.
The City of Guyton has established procedures to be followed in selecting professional services. Procedures, as established, are for the purpose of ensuring the Contractor is selected in a fair and uniform manner, that those selected for work are qualified and experienced. Applicants shall demonstrate their
qualifications to satisfy the Scope of Services. The company’s submittal shall address all aspects of the RFP and clearly express the company’s understanding of the City of Guyton’s specific requirements, indicating the company’s personnel qualifications to conduct these services in a thorough and efficient manner. The City reserves the right to act in its best interest in this determination process, to waive all technicalities, and to select the best proposal for the City of Guyton’s needs. The City’s decision in determining the winning responsible bidder will be final.

Contact Information:
Matthew Walker, City Clerk
Office: 912.772.3353
Fax: 912.772.3152
Cell: 912.856.0547
Proposal submittal:

The proposal package shall be delivered via hand, mail, or e-mail to:
Matthew Walker
City Clerk
310 Central Blvd.
Guyton, GA 31312